Somewhere Shane is laughing his ass off..and proud

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I will HAVE to make it up there next year.


This better not be a lame April Fools Joke….

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All things epic are going on in Canada this August…Rad is coming back 25 years later…

The run I thought should have won the Euro X Games…

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Seems like judges always preach progression in skiing competitions. I am by no means an expert on the matter but I think this was the winning run in my book. J Bone you are the man and this run was ridiculous. I think I still have goosebumps from watching it in person

Here was the run that got gold..

Mans Best Friend

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There is a reason they are called mans best friend and over the past 48 hours I was really reminded of that. I myself do not own a dog due to the fact that I travel so much, however I really liked to refer to Cash Webb as my brother since I always got a kick out of calling Rob Dad. Rob, Shannon, and Cash have become some of my best friends since I moved to Sun Valley, ID over 3 and a half years ago, and this morning around 5 am Cash Webb left this world after turning 8 years young just a week ago.

Cash Webb chilling in the back of my truck

When I got a text from Rob 2 nights ago I was crushed, simply Cash got sick and has a few days left. A rush of memories swarmed me..All the moto trips, all the mountain bike days, backcountry skiing, at the mountain, when I saw Robs truck I could whistle and see his big black head pop up with his ears all perked up. I am on the road for 6 weeks and never even got to say goodbye. Enter the Iphone4…Twice yesterday I got to say hello again and goodbye via Facetime. I must say in the AM when I was chatting with Shannon and Cash and whistled into the phone at him, his ears popped up, and I lost my shit.

Surrounded by the things he loved

Chillin out at the moto track

I had a 7.5 hour drive yesterday from Jackson Hole to Denver yesterday and all I could do was think of all the good times I was fortunate to spend with Cash over the past 3 years. Staying at the house when Rob and Shannon were gone only to be awoken at 5:30 am by a gentle 120 pound paw to the face like, yo whats up..He would snuggle up in bed with you thinking he was the size of a purse dog, jump up on the couch on top of you, he had no clue just how big he was, it was comedy. I think I only heard him bark once in 3 years as well, crazy when I think about it..

His nemisis...

And then there was the Ball. I can not count the amount of times I almost lost fingers or my whole hand for that matter playing ball with Cash. I don’t think there was anything in the world he loved more than a ball. Didn’t matter what kind, tennis, soccer, snow, golf, he loved them all and would play fetch until you couldn’t throw or kick anymore. There was no way you would ever tire him out.

What? Do I have something on my face?

Always there for his dad

Always there for his mom

Always there for fun

Cash was hands down one of the most amazing animals I have ever met. He knew if there was something wrong, he knew how to make you laugh, and he was always there for ya. The fact of the matter is, he wasn’t even my dog, but still built this bond with me that turned me into a mess the last 48 hours, but its the memories of the good times over the last 3 years that will stick with me for the rest of my life. Cash I love you buddy and will miss you soo much. When I settle down in the future and am not traveling as much, I can promise you I am going to search high and low to find a big black lab puppy to carry on your namesake. If he turns out to be 1/2 the dog you were I will be the luckiest dog owner around.

I love you bud.

Rob and Shannon my thoughts are with you guys right now and I love you guys!


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Since the other night was soo good. See previous Post, I went back the next day with 3 guys from work and got it again…Such a good time and great snow..

Luckily it was better than this guys hike and ski..He should probably go buy a lottery ticket..

A Great Night for a Hike

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Tonight was one of those nights here in the Spring that absolutely ruled. The Nights are getting longer and after 3 big days of snow it was time to go get some more POW.

View From Top..Pano App for Iphone

It was only about a 40 min hike to the top and I was joined for the adventure by Kerry McCarthy the other Wintersports Marketing Coordinator for SCOTT.

Evening time over a sleepy lil town.

We stopped twice on the way down in safe zones to be smart…

Snow was preeettty good

Stoked Halfway Down

And at the bottom after a great run there was only one thing to do…

MMMMMmmm PBR Looking up to what we skied...

The Ordinary Friend

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So I am sorry I took months off of blogging but I have been super busy, but even though I am busier than ever now I feel this would be a great blog to get the ball rolling again.

I am really stoked to see this movie for a variety of reasons. Seth’s story is one that is quite amazing and still evolving. At 37 years young Seth is still pioneering skiing everyday he touches the snow. Its actually even more interesting to me now that I have gotten to know Seth as a very good friend.

I remember watching Seth in MSP’s early movies and being like holy shit this guy is my hero. He was someone I looked up to huge in skiing and was totally starstruck when I would see him randomly in Crested Butte, or anywhere else for that matter. I will never forget one Halloween Day down at Wolf Creek with Adam and a couple other buddies we saw Seth shredding and immediately tried to follow him to watch him ski. Obviously within about a minute of getting of the lift he was gone since we had no chance of keeping up.

Fast forward a couple years later and I was driving down to Wolf Creek again for some early season pow shredding but this time meeting up with my good friend Seth at a hotel in Pagosa Springs that just happened have every cop in the county in the parking lot due to a disgruntled worker calling in a bomb threat. I walk into our room and he just looks over like, it wasn’t me. It is funny how time flies in this industry but I am really glad to call Seth a good friend and get to learn from him when out trying to keep up with him skiing. Maybe after this movie comes out I will sit down and write a book about all the good times I have gotten to spend with this Ordinary Guy who happens to be an Extraordinary skier.